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Welcome to my temple my friend, please, enter my wonderful place, and I'll protect you with my blessings, I am Hathor,my name means Mansion of Horus.I am the Goddess of sky, love, music, dance, fun and motherhood.

Probably one of the most complex deities of Ancient Egypt. I have been depicted as a cow, the sky, a woman, a pillar, a lioness, a snake, the eye of Ra. One of the most ancient of all egyptian deities, many other deities fell to my temples and became part of me to the point that now it is impossible to know for sure which was which, as was the case with Bat,among others. Much in the same way, Isis took over all the Goddesses. I'm even in some parts of Egypt a destructive force. Sent out to destroy like Sekhmet. (the story is the same) . I'm also the Goddess of Lands outside of Egypt. Goddess of the Lands of the west (death) Goddess of the Lands of the East (life).

I am the mother of Ipy and HarsomtusIs.

Meet my beloved husband, Horus the Elder.


Meet my father, Ra.