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Horus the Elder (aka Her-ur, ARoueris)

God of the Sky, God of Day, and also God of Goodness and Lightand Agricultural. Horus was represented by the falcon and the hawk. Horus was also the God of the Dynasty.

Horus the Elder represented the face by day in contradistinction to Set, who was the face by night.

Horus the Elder, is represented as a youth, and was the son of a Horus-god and the goddess Rat-Tauit, who appears to have been worshipped at Hermonthis in the form of a hippopotamus.

At the beginning there where two different Horus, Horus, the patron god of Upper Egypt from the time immemorial; distinguished from Horus the Child (Hor-pa-kraat), who was the son of Isis and Osiris; but the two gods nerged early in Egyptian history and became the one Horus, uniting the attributes of both.

The Patron of: the living Pharaoh, rulers, law, war, young men, light, the sun, many others depending on the particular variant.

Appearance: His most common form is that of falcon-headed man, but he is also shown as a falcon, a lion with the head of a falcon, or a sphinx. He is also shown as a falcon resting on the neck of the pharaoh, spreading his wings to either side of the pharaoh's head and whispering guidance in his ear or with the eye or Ra.

The most popular story of Horus is the one in which he grows to manhood to avenge the death of his father Osiris by battling against his cruel uncle Set. In many writings, he is said to continue to battle Set daily to ensure the safety of the world.