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Osiris was Supreme god and judge of the dead. The symbol of resurrection and eternal life.
Provider of fertility and prosperity to the living.
Born of the earth god Geb, Osiris was once a fertility god, adopted the properties of
an ancient royal god, and thereby acquired the crook and flail of a pharaoh.
Associated with death, rebirth as it relates to the germinating seeds of row crops
and the nurturing waters of the Nile.
As he brought forth the earth’s bounties, food, wine in abundance, he became
known as the perfect one, or the eternally good.
His brother Seth became jealous of his power and influence and killed Osiris
and tossed his parts into the Nile.
It is believed that the parts resided all over the two lands.
His wife, Isis, with her sister Nephthys, found his parts and made him whole in
a divine act of love, in which Horus was conceived.
At his death he became ruler of the netherworld.
Later, Horus emerged as the son of Osiris and the living Pharaoh became the in carnation
of Horus and the dead king, he succeeded became Osiris.
He was also the father of Anubis by Nephthys.