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(aka Ptah-Seker)

Ptah was the god of craftsmen.
He represents the sun at the time when it begins to rise above the horizon
and or right after it has risen.
As early as the Second Dynasty, he is regarded as a creator god.
The patron of architects, artists and sculptors.
It was Ptah who built the boats for the souls of the dead to use in the afterlife.
In the Book of the Dead we learn that he was a master architect,
and responsible for building the framework of the universe.
It was said that Ptah created the great metal plate that was the floor of heaven
and the roof of the sky.
He also constructed the supports that held it up.
Some creation legends say that by speaking the names of all things, Ptah caused them to be.
He was the husband of Sekhmet, father of Nefer-tem.