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(aka Set, Suetekh)

Seth was the brother of Osiris and Isis, as well as the brother/husband of Nephthys.
Son of Geb and Nut.
Early in Egyptian history, Seth is spoken of in terms of reverence as
the god of wind and storms.
He represented everything that threatened harmony in Egypt.
He was even known as the Lord of Upper Egypt.
Horus being the Lord of Lower Egypt.
It was Seth who stood in the front of the solar barque to defended the sun god Ra
from his most dangerous foe, the serpent Apep.
At this time, he seems to have had no conflicts with the cults of Isis or Osiris.
In fact, he was part of the same family of gods, and married to his twin sister, Nephthys.
However, it appears the followers of Seth may have resisted the followers of Horus and the First Dynasty pharaoh, Menes, when he united Upper and Lower Egypt.
This struggle for control of Egypt seems to be reflected in the mythology.
At this point, Seth is portrayed as questioning the authority of his brother, Osiris.
The Osiris cults took this opportunity to discredit the followers of Seth;
he was now considered to be Osiris' evil brother.
And the story was told that Seth was evil since birth,
because he ripped himself from his mother's womb by tearing through her side.
In the Osiris legends, it is Seth who tricks and murders Osiris.
He is also the antagonist of Horus.
By the Twenty-sixth Dynasty, Seth was the embodiment of evil.
He was depicted with red eyes and hair.
The ancient Egyptians beleived red represented evil.