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(aka Uadjet, Wazit, Ua Zit, Uto)

Wajet was the goddess of justice, time, heaven and hell.
Wadjet's original home and chief cult center was in the Delta marshes.
Her sister, Nekhbet, was the motherly protectress of the pharoah, so Wadjet was
his aggressive defender.
When Isis was hiding in the swamps with her baby Horus,
Wadjet came to help her protect him.
Wadjet is represented as a cobra, sometimes winged and crowned,
and sometimes as a snake with the face of a woman.
She was the uraeus (cobra-shaped symbol of sovereignty) that appeared
on the headdresses of the Egyptian pharaohs.
She figured prominently in the coronation ceremony and in the underworld,
where she endowed justice and truth and destroyed the enemies of the deceased.
Wadjet was the goddess of the fifth hour of the fifth day of the moon.

Wadjet's sister was Nekhbet, and together the two were known as the Nebti.
As a pair, they represented cycles of birth and death, beginning and ending.
In the illustration above, Nekhbet and Wadjet are guarding the Eye Of Ra, the Utchat.
Nekhbet is wearing the white crown of Upper Egypt,
and Wadjet is wearing the red crown of Lower Egypt.